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Fuchsia Marcia

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The Fuchsia Shadow Dancer Marcia, ‘ Fuchsia hybrid’, is a very early blooming fuchsia with exceptional uniformity and compact growth.

The cherry red sepals with violet corolla flowers perch well above the bushy small leaved foliage.

These plants have dark green leaves often with red stems.

This Proven Selections plant blooms all summer long.

The flowers, which are produced during the summer and early fall, are droopy and come in many colors.

Fuchsias should be planted in warm, sheltered spots in well-drained soil.

They are great plants for greenhouses, window boxes, baskets, homes, and flower beds.

Fuchsias do not like to dry out.

Keep the soil moist to the touch from spring through autumn.

In many parts of the country (and especially if planted in a hanging pot) the fuchsia will require daily watering.

Fuchsia is one of the Hummingbirds favorite flowers.

For zones 9-11, this plant can also be a perennial.
* Easy to grow
* Attracts hummingbirds
* No deadheading Pick your color.

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