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Frost Peach

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Abundant Fruit on Cold Hardy Dwarf Peach Tree Peach – Frost, prunus persica ‘ Frost’, is a freestone with light red blush over greenish yellow.

Frost is delicious, excellent for eating fresh or canning.

It has a showy pink spring bloom and is heavy bearing.

These pink blossoms appear late winter and early spring along grey branches, before leaves emerge.

The abundant crop of medium sized fruit mature early.

It is an extremely vigorous tree and requires regular pruning and thinning.

It requires fertile, well drained soils.

At 3 or 4 years of age it begins to bear large crops and reach peak productivity at 8 to 12 years.

It is tolerant of wet soils and is very cold hardy in zones 5-9.

It is more resistant to Peach Leaf Curl than other varieties.

Peaches need clear, hot weather during their growing season and require well-drained soil as well as a regular fertilizing program.

They also require heavier pruning than any other fruit trees to maintain size and encourage new growth.

‘ Frost’ is very cold-hardy and could be grown to Zone 5.
* Delicious Freestone Fruit
* Prolific Producer
* Vigorous Growth

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