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Freedom Rose of Sharon Garden Plant

Freedom Rose of Sharon

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Radiant Red Blooms Summer to Fall Freedom Rose of Sharon is a deciduous shrub with ornamental appeal.

Plant one as a specimen plant in a front or side yard where you’re sure to catch its radiant bloom.

Your Freedom Rose of Sharon is an old-fashioned favorite in a newer, improved form! Beginning in summer, and persisting into the fall, Freedom produces luminous pink double-blooms that are large in size and immense in beauty.

The lustrous, dark green leaves are the perfect accent for the bright flowers, and help your Freedom maintain a full, vibrant appearance all season long.

Freedom Rose of Sharon will grow to 10 feet tall with an 8-foot spread.

It has an upright, spreading nature and can be expected to live up to 40 years (under optimal conditions).

It’s not fussy about soil types, thriving even in poor soils and drought conditions.

It doesn’t mind pollution, so can do well even in urban environments.

It has no significant pest or disease issues.

Overall, Freedom is an easy-to-care-for plant with a hardy, productive nature.

For a prolific plant with beautiful flowers summer through fall, and a hardy nature.

look no further than Freedom Rose of Sharon!
* Impressive flowers
* Long bloom period
* New and improved form

Freedom Rose of Sharon Order Options