Garden Plant: Fragrant Valley Sweetbox

Fragrant Valley Sweetbox Garden Plant

Fragrant Valley Sweetbox

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Product Description: Fragrant Valley Sweetbox

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Low growing evergreen for the shade! In late winter you will smell Fragrant Valley Sweetbox (Sarcococca hookeriana var humilis ‘ Sarsid1’ P P#19,942) long before you see it.

It helps to wake up the garden after the long winter and is a perfect harbinger of spring with its very strong hyacinth-like scent.

This sweet little evergreen shrub is much smaller than other sweetbox shrubs, only growing 18″ tall, but it is a quick spreader to 3′ across.

It is densely covered in well-branched, deep green narrow-leaved foliage that gives it finer texture than other sweetbox and a lushly full look.

Because the foliage is so pretty, Fragrant Valley is attractive year round, but in late winter, when it is dotted with white blooms, it really sings in the shade garden.

The blooms last for several weeks and perfume the whole landscape.

It makes a grand statement when massed.

We’ve seen beautiful ribbons of evergreen color under trees and in woodland gardens made of Fragrant Valley.

Because of its low growth habit, it doesn’t require any pruning, either.

Fragrant Valley Sweetbox is a great plant for challenging areas like dry shade.

It is very disease resistant and both deer and rabbits steer clear.

It is easy to grow and easy to maintain.

You will want to give this sweet sweetbox a try in your garden this year.

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* Shade
* Fragrant flowers in late winter
* Bird friendly
* Groundcover
* Easy care and hardy
* Disease resistant

Fragrant Valley Sweetbox Order Options