Garden Plant: Flavor King Pluot Tree

Flavor King Pluot Tree Garden Plant

Flavor King Pluot Tree

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The King of Sweetness Pluots are one of the great taste sensations in all the world, and Flavor King Pluot is the supreme ruler of the pluots.

A cross between a juicy Japanese plum and a soft, sweet apricot, the Flavor King will exceed your expectations for a pluot.

These fruits look like plums, with their dark wine-red skin and firm yellow flesh.

But one bite and you know you aren’t eating a plum.

The juicy flesh is sweeter and less tart than a plum.

Because these fruits are a marriage of a plum and an apricot, the sugar content of both is magnified in the pluot.

This makes Flavor King incomparably sweet.

The tree itself has a classic shape and beautiful Japanese plum-like leaves.

Even if it never fruited it would be a nice tree in your landscape.

But thankfully, this tree W I L L fruit.

and each year that passes the harvest gets bigger.

You’ll have plenty to eat and an abundance to share with your friends and neighbors.

Flavor King needs a pollinator so plant two, or plant with a Japanese plum like Beauty Plum.

Order a couple of these beauties today and enjoy this amazingly sweet fruit next year.

You’ll be glad you did! Hail to the King!
* Adaptable to a variety of soils
* Super-sweet taste
* Firm, juicy flesh Recommended pollinators: Dapple Dandy, Santa Rosa Plum, Methley Plum

Flavor King Pluot Tree Order Options