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Flavor Delight Aprium Garden Plant

Flavor Delight Aprium

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Flavor Delightful Sweetness in a Conversation-starting Fruit Are you familiar with the Plum X Apricot hybrids known as Pluots? If not, you should be, they taste amazing and might be the finest plum like fruit you will ever eat.

Pluots lean toward the plum side of the Plum X Apricot family both in looks and texture.

On the other hand, if you are an apricot lover, what you want is the Flavor Delight Aprium.

The Flavor Delight is also a plum/apricot hybrid, that leans more toward the apricot side of the Plum x Apricot family in looks and texture.

Nature Hills is proud to offer you the Flavor Delight Aprium.

These fruits come on strong in June/ July, and are worth a try in all marginal Apricot areas.

Once you taste one, that amazing marriage of apricot and plum will simply blow you away! The zesty apricot tang is softened by the sweetness of the plum and it makes Flavor Delight one of the most flavorful of all the early summer fruits These are semi dwarf trees that fit right into any landscape, large or small.

They are self-fruitful, so they don’t need a pollinator, which helps if you’re tight on space.

Make sure to order your trees early.

These are always popular and they always sell out fast.

Remember, the sooner you order the sooner you get to enjoy this supremely sweet Flavor Delight Aprium
* Good in marginal Apricot areas
* Super-sweet unique taste
* Early harvest

Flavor Delight Aprium Order Options