Garden Plant: Flamingo Boxelder Maple

Flamingo Boxelder Maple Garden Plant

Flamingo Boxelder Maple

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Product Description: Flamingo Boxelder Maple

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A great new look in maple trees! Maple trees are universally loved for their great fall color and ease to grow.

They are used all over North America and can thrive from Canada to Guatemala.

Typically you choose them for the color of the fall leaves and are just content to enjoy the green leaves and shade they give in the spring and summer.

(They are deciduous, so they drop their leaves in the winter.

) Not anymore! Now you can enjoy beautifully colored leaves in spring and summer too! Flamingo Boxelder Maple (Acer negundo ‘Flamingo’) has luscious variegated cream/green leaves that blush a sweet pink.

People will be asking what kind of tree you’re growing because it is such a different look for a maple.

In the fall the leaves turn a glowing gold to prove that it is really a maple tree and not an imposter.

Flamingo Boxelder is a fast grower, reaching 30-35 feet before you know it.

It isn’t huge, but it casts nice shade.

It’s nicely sized for a garden bed or border or to use as a patio shade tree.

(It has such striking leaves that it’s nice to have it somewhere where you can see them up close.

) Besides the new color, it behaves like the maple trees that you know and love – easy to care for, fine in sun or dappled shade.

If you’re in the market for a new shade tree, then Flamingo Boxelder Maple should be at the top of the list.
* Striking pink/cream/spring green leaves
* Golden fall color
* Great for smaller spaces
* Attracts birds
* Easy care and hardy
* Year-round interest

Flamingo Boxelder Maple Order Options