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Flame Amur Maple Garden Plant

Flame Amur Maple

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Small Maple with Spring and Fall Appeal This is a small Maple tree with lovely spring flowers and a showy fall display.

It would look spectacular planted along the street in front of your home or even as a container or patio tree.

One of the great things about this small deciduous Maple is that you can grow it as a small tree or even a shrub.

There’s no need for a lot of room in order to have this tree grace your home, and it doesn’t demand any special care or concern.

It rises 15-20 feet with a spread of 15-28 feet and a lovely rounded crown.

It can be allowed to grow into a large shrub or pruned to a mulit or single stemmed small tree.

The Amur’s charmingly fragrant scent heralds the spring each year, and you’ll adore the clusters of dainty white/pale yellow flowers scattered among its branches.

The 3 inch leaves consisting of 3 lobes provide your tree with a vibrant bright green color throughout the summer.

There’s no doubt that you’ll feel your anticipation rise as autumn approaches and your Amur spices up your yard with stunning shades of scarlet.

The seeds are a samara that begin with a reddish hue and turns a light tan.

They appear as seeds with tiny wings that enchant the viewer with their gentle manner of helicoptering along on the autumn breeze.

The Royal Horticultural Society in the U K has bestowed the ” Award of Garden Merit ” on this variety of Maple.

When you give one a home you’re sure to agree that the Flame Amur is one of the best Maples available on the market today.
* Pale Yellow Flowers
* Shrub or Tree
* Red Foliage in Autumn For Iron Chlorosis Maple Tree Galls

Flame Amur Maple Order Options