Garden Plant: Fire Light Hydrangea

Fire Light Hydrangea Garden Plant

Fire Light Hydrangea

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Product Description: Fire Light Hydrangea

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The NEW Standard in Hardy Hydrangeas! Fire Light Hydrangea is the new cold-hardy standard to measure all hardy hydrangeas.

Huge pomegranate-pink and white flower heads bloom reliably from midsummer to first frost regardless of your climate.

Fire Light Hardy Hydrangea, Hydrangea paniculata ‘ S M H P F L’, makes an impressive display, reaching up to 6 feet high and wide, boasting 12- to 16-inch blooms held upright on strong red stems that will not droop.

Its thick, sturdy stems hold up the beautiful flowers so they are prominently displayed in the garden.

It completely commands attention all summer and fall in your landscape.

The lush color-changing blooms are a great focal point.

This fantastic flower color lasts well into fall and hydrangea flowers are some of the best for drying for winter color.

(Like most hydrangeas, color can be affected by soil P H, so check your soil before you plant for best color.

) Fire Light Hydrangea makes a striking accent plant, but is even more eye-catching planted in a row.

Plant it behind roses and lavenders and you will have an unforgettable display all season long.

If you do not have a 6′ x 6′ area available for Fire Light Hydrangea to reach its full potential, you can train it to a more compact size with moderate pruning.

They are very well behaved in pots, too.

Order your Fire Light Hardy Hydrangea from Nature Hills today and be ready for a whole new garden!
* Flowers change colors over the whole growing season
* Full sun or light shade
* Cold hardy Pruning Woody Hydrangeas

Fire Light Hydrangea Order Options