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Fiber Optics Buttonbush Garden Plant

Fiber Optics Buttonbush

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Four-season native likes it wet or dry! Buttonbush is native to the U S and is one of those natives that has tons to offer your garden.

A new and improved version – Fiber Optics Buttonbush (Cephalanthus occidentalis ‘ Bailoptics’ PPAF) – takes all that goodness and ups the ante! Fiber Optics’ oval shaped leaves emerge in the spring.

Soon after, perfectly round, inch-wide, dove-white flowers bust out all over the bush.

Each unusual flower is covered with dozens of round-headed pistils so that they look like pincushions.

They are unique and almost Dr.


They definitely attract the attention of garden visitors, but they also attract the attention of native pollinators.

Bees, butterflies, hummingbirds and other beneficial insects flock to buttonbush for its nectar and leaves.

Dark red-brown fruit follow the flowers and can last through the winter and the seeds that fall are a particular favorite of water birds like ducks and loons.

In the summer the foliage is rich and full and looks great in the landscape, providing shelter for birds.

In the fall the leaves turn red.

The trunks and stems tend to twist and turn with age so it still looks interesting even when the leaves have fallen for the winter.

Fiber Optics is not as coarse-leaved as older versions and only grows half the size.

This compactness lends itself beautifully to today’s smaller urban gardens.

One of the best attributes of Fiber Optics is that it adapts to any soil type with ease, so it goes just about anywhere.

It does fine in dry soil on slopes and it absolutely thrives in damp, or even wet, soil.

It is often used in wetland restoration along stream or ponds.

If you have a spot that is constantly wet or has spring or summer flooding issues, then Fiber Optics Buttonbush is your new go-to! Bring this great native home to your garden today!
* Easy care native
* Unique white scented flowers
* Full sun to light shade
* Great in rain gardens or by ponds or streams
* Good for smaller gardens
* Four-season interest

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