Garden Plant: Everlasting Jade Hydrangea

Everlasting Jade Hydrangea Garden Plant

Everlasting Jade Hydrangea

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Product Description: Everlasting Jade Hydrangea

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Perfect wedding bouquets! Dash to the nearest magazine stand and thumb through a few of the wedding magazines.

Go ahead.

We’ll wait.

Did you notice how many of the pricey wedding bouquets had hydrangeas in them? Or how many of those hydrangeas were a rustic antique white and celery green that seemed to go with every other flower and every wedding dress? That flower was probably Everlasting Jade (Hydrangea macrophylla ‘ Hortmaja’ PPAF).

Wouldn’t you want that beauty in your own cutting garden at home? Well, now you can have it! Nature Hills is proud to offer this gorgeous hydrangea to you.

Everlasting Jade was bred in the Netherlands for the cut flower trade.

That means super-strong straight stems and tough florets that last for days in the vase.

Only 3 feet tall and wide, this little beauty is a flower powerhouse that will fit into any garden, in sun or shade.

The flowers start out apple green, fading to antique white and then the cool weather of autumn turns them celery green with red tips.

Everlasting Jade will keep you mesmerized all season! These beauties are in limited supply since they are so sought after for the florist trade, so don’t wait.

Buy Everlasting Jade Hydrangea on sale today!
* Gorgeous cut flowers
* Easy to grow
* Trendy green and white color
* Vigorous bloomer on both new and old wood
* Great fall color

Everlasting Jade Hydrangea Order Options