Garden Plant: Everlasting Amethyst Hydrangea

Everlasting Amethyst Hydrangea Garden Plant

Everlasting Amethyst Hydrangea

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Product Description: Everlasting Amethyst Hydrangea

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One stem is a bouquet! Do you have a cutting garden? If not, you should consider one.

Imagine armloads of fresh flowers to bring in all season to beautify your home.

If you’re starting from scratch, may we suggest that you begin with Everlasting Amethyst Hydrangea (Hydrangea macrophylla ‘ Hokomathyst’ PPAF).

This hardy perennial will provide years of gorgeous flowers to fill your vases.

The Everlasting series of hydrangeas was specifically bred for the florist trade in the Netherlands, land of tulips and flower markets.

Everlasting Amethyst is a stellar addition to this line of shrubs.

Tough-as-nails but easy-to-grow, Amethyst only reaches 3 feet tall and 3 feet wide and is equally at home in the garden or the container.

Just the right size to fit into any garden, whether massed in a large bed, or singly tucked into a shaded corner.

It thrives in partial shade and delivers perfect, healthy blooms all season long.

Everlasting Amethyst holds its big heavy flowers straight up on thick, healthy stems.

The flowers start off fuchsia pink or violet blue, depending on your soil.

They age to deep purple or reddish pink with striking green markings eventually turning to a delicious lime color that is all the rage in the florist world these days and is a new favorite of brides.

The flowers are enormous and are strong and sturdy.

They stay beautifully full and healthy whether on the plant or in the vase.

Enjoy the color of Amethyst all season long from your own garden.

Order yours today for blooms this summer.
* Perfect cut flowers
* Easy to grow
* Season long color changes
* Blooms on both new and old wood

Everlasting Amethyst Hydrangea Order Options