Garden Plant: Ever Red Loropetalum

Ever Red Loropetalum Garden Plant

Ever Red Loropetalum

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Deep Burgundy Foliage Year-round Tired of evergreens? Why not try an ‘ Ever Red’ Loropetalum, Loropetalum chinese ‘ Chang Nian Hong’? This robust and colorful Chinese fringe flower (Loropetalum chinese) has richly colored burgundy leaves all year round.

First discovered in Asia, this beautiful plant is compact, mildew and disease resistant and even drought tolerant once it’s established.

Its colorful leaves are showy year round, but in the spring it really struts its stuff.

From late winter through early spring ‘ Ever Red’ Loropetalum is covered in delicate spidery fringed flowers.

If it’s happy where you plant it this bush will even bloom on and off throughout the rest of the year! Its leaves are small and oval with a leathery feel.

It grows upright but the branches will arch a little giving it a very graceful silhouette all season.

‘ Ever Red’ Loropetalum grows best in moist fertile soil that is well-drained.

It thrives in partial shade, but will tolerate full sun and even full shade if it needs to.

It does fine through all but the harshest northern winters where you may want to give it a little T L C during the worst of the cold.

‘ Ever Red’ Loropetalum makes a great specimen plant if you plant it alone, but its beauty is multiplied if you plant several together.

Try in as a foundation plant, or in a mixed border.

It also will thrive in a container with other plants that will play off of its color and texture.

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* Thrives in partial sun
* Show-stopping spider-like red flowers
* Year round burgundy foliage
* Showy Flowers
* Repeat Flowering

Ever Red Loropetalum Order Options