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Etain Violet

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Unique Miniature with Months of Fragrant Blooms Violet Etain, Wiola ‘ Etain’, is a newer variety that is becoming very popular because of its long bloom time.

The large 1.

75″ lemon yellow flowers of ‘ Etain’ have beautiful contrasting lavender margins and are incredibly fragrant.

It blooms from May through October! Violet Etain is a carefree, low-maintenance miniature variety that produces a multitude of tiny, pansy-like blooms! ‘ Etain’ is a clump-forming type, unlike many other violets which are ground covers.

Violets grow best in cool, moist, shady environments.

In the north, plants can tolerate full sun but prefer partial to full shade.

Shade from deciduous trees is ideal because the plants growing below receive full sun in the spring, followed by protection from the harsh summer sun once the trees get their leaves.

If plants are cut back after the first bloom cycle, they will likely bloom again in the fall.

Violet Etain performs beautifully in containers and is an excellent choice for window boxes.
* Large 1 3/4″ Lemon Yellow Flowers
* Blooms May Through October
* Rebloomer

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