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Entrapment Daylily

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Vibrant Long Lasting Color The Hemerocallis ‘ Entrapment’, also known as a Daylily, has ruffled deep blue-purple petals and a yellow throat surrounded by paler purple sepals.

Rebloomer; tetraploid.

Produces flowers 5″ across and is semi-evergreen.

A mid-season bloomer, it is carefree and colorful.

These daylilies have been developed for their vibrant long-lasting color.

They provide an amazing number of beautiful blooms on tall stems.

Daylilies are the perfect perennial.

Each plant sends up many flower stems, and each stem bears 12 or more buds.

Bloom is lavish and continues for several weeks or more on each plant.

Trouble-free, maintenance-free, they tolerate most soils and conditions if they get at least 6 hours of sun.

Use ‘ Entrapment’ in a perennial border, in front of shrubbery, as an edging along a walk or wall, and in your bulb beds, where they hide the ripening foliage of tulips and daffodils.

They need dividing only every 10-15 years.

Plants 18-24″ apart.

Although the blooms will last only for one day, there are many blooms on strong stems that rise above tall grassy foliage, (remove in late fall).
* Maintenance free
* prefers minimum 6 hours of sun
* Greast as a perennial border

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