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Empire Apple Tree

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Deliciously crisp red apples from your own tree! You’ve probably heard that nothing beats the taste of homegrown apples.

“It’s just all hype”, you probably say to yourself.

Well, isn’t it about time that you give in to the hype and see for yourself? Empire Apple Trees are easy to grow, easy to care for and especially easy to enjoy.

This cross between a classic Macintosh and a flavorful Red Delicious was first developed in the 1940’s and then brought to mass production in the 1960’s.

Empire has the best characteristics of both apples and has delighted generations of backyard gardeners.

Besides the longer lasting fruit and sweeter taste you get from growing your own apples, you also get the added comfort of knowing just what did (or didn’t) go into that apple before it found its way to your family’s table.

Getting an Empire apple tree from Nature Hills is an investment in your family’s healthy future.

Some of the benefits of this tree are the crimson red skin and dove-white flesh that makes an apple so desirable.

And let’s not forget “that taste”.

You know the one we mean.

That sweet, desserty taste that you long for when eating an apple fresh out of hand.

Many people will argue that Empire even improves on the dessert-wine taste and scent that Macintosh’s are so famous for.

It only grows to 16 feet tall and wide so it is the perfect size for an urban or suburban garden.

It is ideal for planting under power lines or other tough-to-plant locations.

It needs full sun and cool autumn nights for optimal growth and you can increase your fall yield if you plant another apple variety close by to help pollination.

Also plan to thin out the crop each year to get bigger and better apples.

(Like most Macintosh offspring, it is happy to set many, many little apples for you if you let it.

) We are proud to deliver the highest quality plants.

Empire Apple Tress are no exception.

Order yours now before they sell out!
* Rich red fruit with crisp white flesh
* Easy care and problem-free
* Compact Tree
* Delicious taste and smellt

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