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Elegantissima Dogwood Garden Plant

Elegantissima Dogwood

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Fragrant White Flowers in Spring – Intense Red Stems in Winter Elgantissima Dogwood is an ornamental shrub with 4-season color and special winter appeal.

Plant several for a flashy winter border, or even just one would be lovely as a specimen planting in your yard.

Your Elegantissima Dogwood will bring year-round interest to your landscape, but is especially handsome in winter when its stems transform to a brilliant, bright red.

It’s a perfect addition to your yard for bringing a little color to the drab off-season.

When not putting on its winter display, the Elegantissima Dogwood offers other charms to enjoy.

Spring brings petite, white flowers that are deliciously fragrant.

Adorable berries follow, becoming visible in June, their white hue accented with hints of blue and green.

Your Elegantissima Dogwood’s gray-green leaves are broadly margined with cream or white for a showy variegated presentation that is lovely spring through fall.

As if all this isn’t enough, the show continues in fall with leaf colors consisting of apricot, gold and a pleasing rosy-red.

Elgantissima Dogwood will stay around 6 feet tall if pruned, and maintain an elegant, upright habit.

Plants that are not pruned eventually reach ten feet tall with an equal spread.

Elgantissima adapts well to many different situations and soil types.

However, for redder stems and good fall leaf color, full sun is best.

The berries aren’t edible, but your birds will certainly love them, and you’re sure to enjoy their regular forays into your yard for a tasty treat.

For a fast-growing, hardy shrub that offers 4-season interest with little effort, you can’t beat the Elgantissima Dogwood!
* Winter Color
* 4-season appeal
* Wildlife interest
* Hardy

Elegantissima Dogwood Order Options