Garden Plant: Eileen’s Dream Japanese Iris

Eileen's Dream Japanese Iris Garden Plant

Eileen’s Dream Japanese Iris

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Product Description: Eileen’s Dream Japanese Iris

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Huge Maroon Blooms! Imagine a flower of such elegance and beauty that it has inspired Japanese artists since ancient times! Eileen’s Dream Japanese Iris’ are noted for their massive, vibrant blooms of stunning beauty.

Their wide, crepe paper-thin petals cascade down like a waterfall of vibrant color and are sure to make a dramatic statement in your landscape.

The blossoms of Eileen’s Dream are further accentuated by a splash of bright yellow that accents the base of each individual petal.

Tall, and slender enough to fit almost anywhere, Eileen’s Dream is a tough perennial yet still a lovely, delicate plant that is sure to add charm to your garden! Eileen’s Dream Japanese Iris displays its exquisite blossoms in spring atop statuesque stems that can reach up to 36 inches in height so you won’t miss a moment of its spectacular summer show.

It is generally quite hardy and very sun resistant.

Deer tend to pass it by and it’s a favorite for hummingbirds and butterflies.

Plant an Eileen’s Dream Japanese Iris in your yard this year and you’re sure to understand why the Iris has been venerated in art and admired for generations.
* Late spring/early summer flowers
* Drought tolerant
* Wildlife interest
* Sun tolerant

Eileen's Dream Japanese Iris Order Options