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Edgy Hearts Hydrangea Garden Plant

Edgy Hearts Hydrangea

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Product Description: Edgy Hearts Hydrangea

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Bouquets of Summer Hearts Edgy Hearts Hydrangea is an ornamental perennial with fabulous flowers.

Plant one as an accent near a front window or door so you won’t miss a moment of its spectacular summer display.

These also work well as a short, ornamental hedge along a shed or patio.

Edgy Hearts can even be grown as a container plant for your front porch.

Hydrangeas are renowned for their huge clusters of spectacular flowers, and Edgy Hearts is no different in that respect.

However, Edgy Hearts has a unique feature that other Hydrangeas don’t.

Each ethereal, floral blossom is shaped like a heart, its edges delicately trimmed in white.

Clustered together in spectacular, 10-inch bouquets, the display is one you won’t want to miss! In acid soils the interior of each bloom will be a lovely blue shade.

If you have alkaline soils, a delightful pink will color your blossoms.

Either way, as the huge bouquets of hearts mature, the color will transition to a light green, an additional splash of vibrant color for your landscape.

Your Edgy Hearts Hydrangea will grow to about four feet in height with an equal spread.

It features strong stems and glossy foliage for a vibrant, healthy look even when not in full bloom.

There are no significant disease or insect issues with Edgy Hearts, and the flowers hold up well as a cut flower for your kitchen table or dried for craft projects.

Edgy Hearts Hydrangea is certainly a unique offering among Hydrangea choices.

Not only lovely and romantic, but hardy as well, Edgy Hearts is sure to find a special place in your heart and landscape this summer.
* Huge bouquets of unique blossoms
* Glossy foliage
* Great cut flowers

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