Garden Plant: Easy Elegance Snowdrift Rose

Easy Elegance Snowdrift Rose Garden Plant

Easy Elegance Snowdrift Rose

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Product Description: Easy Elegance Snowdrift Rose

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Covered in snow white blooms all summer long Looking like snowfall in summer, Snowdrift rose covers itself in pure white blooms all the way to the ground all summer long.

The blossoms show just a hint of an apricot color but are mostly white.

No need to stay on top of deadheading for Snowdrift to keep its clean look! These beautiful cluster of blooms keep their color before cleanly dropping off the bush.

Easy Elegance Snowdirft is a classic rose look without the classic rose headaches.

Current breeding techniques have made all the fuss and mess of rose bushes a thing of the past.

No chemicals are needed because it is highly disease resistant.

You also save time because it doesn’t require pruning.

Snowdrift rose comes to you healthy from Nature Hills and stays healthy for you.

Really, all you need is a spot in your yard with lots of sun to enjoy roses all season.

The bountiful blooms will fill your garden as well as your vases and make you the envy of the neighborhood.

Need something to invigorate your space? Nature Hills Snowdrift roses will make your tired garden “cool ” again! Order some now!
* Beautiful pure white blooms
* Superior disease resistance
* Hardy to zone 4
* Easy to grow

Easy Elegance Snowdrift Rose Order Options