Garden Plant: Easy Elegance Music Box Rose

Easy Elegance Music Box Rose Garden Plant

Easy Elegance Music Box Rose

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Product Description: Easy Elegance Music Box Rose

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Colorful and Re-blooming in a Fragrant, Hardy Rose Music Box, Rosa ‘ B A Ibox’, is a shrub rose variety from the Easy Elegance Rose series.

Plant one of these in your rose garden for a unique addition to your collection.

Plant another in a spot where you’d like a rose, but where varieties that are less hardy might struggle.

Like the enchanting strains of a music box, Music Box Rose will create a delicate blending of color, presenting the prettiest picture in your garden this year.

Each bloom features radiant, yellow petals that transition from a darker center to lighter shades, culminating in pink-tipped outer petals.

It’s a harmonious blending of color that is sure to turn heads in your yard, especially as these double blooms repeat all summer long.

Each fragrant, 2-inch blossom features a petal count of approximately 35, so your Music Box Roses depict a full, fluffy appearance amid the glossy, medium-green foliage.

Music Box Rose will grow up to 36 inches in height with an equal spread.

It’s a shrub rose variety so quite hardy, including being disease resistant and cold tolerant.

It’s even drought tolerant (once established).

Music Box is an Easy Elegance Rose, developed as an “own-root ” rose.

This gives it a much hardier nature than many other roses.

If you love roses (and who doesn’t!), then Music Box is a rose you won’t want to miss out on.

The outstanding beauty of this multi-colored rose, coupled with its exceptional hardiness, makes this a must-have for any rose aficionado!
* Colorful, double blooms
* Multi-colored
* Re-blooming
* Fragrant
* Drought and heat tolerant (once established)
* Hardy
* Disease resistant
* Cold resistant

Easy Elegance Music Box Rose Order Options