Garden Plant: Easy Elegance Calypso Rose

Easy Elegance Calypso Rose Garden Plant

Easy Elegance Calypso Rose

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Product Description: Easy Elegance Calypso Rose

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Carefree, Re- Blooming Rose Calypso Rose, Rosa ‘ B A Iypso’, is a shrub rose variety in the Easy Elegance Roses series.

Plant several along your front porch for a colorful, short hedge.

Just one will serve as a prolific accent by your front door.

Your Easy Elegance Calypso Rose is sure to astound you with its abundance of fluffy double blooms of bewitching “elegance ” that are so “easy ” to care for, you can apply your time to other gardening endeavors.

The 5-inch blossoms (each with a petal count of 25), appear in clusters upon the glossy, green foliage.

Warying shades of apricot grace the delicate petals of Calypso, which begins its bloom in early summer and continues on until frost.

Calypso Rose will grow up to 2 feet tall with an equal spread.

It has a rounded habit and is disease resistant.

Calypso Rose is relatively low maintenance and generally hardy.

As a rose in the Easy Elegance Rose series, it was developed as an “own-root ” rose which gives it a much hardier nature than many other varieties.

With the wide selection of roses available on the market today, it can be difficult to choose just one.

The Easy Elegance Calypso Rose is a choice that will not only give you dependable, lovely blooms all summer long, but do so without excessive care and maintenance.

What more could you ask for in a rose!
* Colorful flowers
* Re-blooming
* Hardy
* Disease resistant
* Low maintenance

Easy Elegance Calypso Rose Order Options