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Dwarf Yaupon Holly Garden Plant

Dwarf Yaupon Holly

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Mounding Holly Makes a Great Low Hedge The Holly, Dwarf Yaupon, ‘ Ilex vomitoria ‘ Nana’, is a dwarf, compact formed holly with small shiny leaves.

It is excellent in planter boxes or as a low hedge.

This plant matures at 3-5 feet high by 8-10 feet wide if left unpruned.

The Dwarf Yaupon makes a gigantic mounded cushion if not pruned.

Fruits on female yaupon holly are a beautiful red, in contrast to the shiny black fruits of Japanese holly.

The showy berries often last for several months and they attract birds.

It will grow in full shade to full sun, but the more light it has, the more dense its foliage will be.

It is drought and salt spray tolerant.

This broadleaf evergreen shrubs needs to planted in well-drained soil.

It is drought tolerant and it is tolerant of salt spray.

Whether you need one for a container or several for a low hedge, you can’t go wrong with the Dwarf Yaupon Holly.

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* Keeps its mounding form
* Compact, dense holly
* Classic red berries

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