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Dwarf Ninebark

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Ball of Green for Small Spaces The Dwarf Ninebark, Physocarpus opulifolius ‘ Nana’, is a native 4′-6′ shrub with an equal spread.

This is a dense finely branched shrub and it produces white flowers in the spring.

This dense bushy ball of green produces its flowers in late spring.

After flowering, seedpods develop that are red and quite ornamental.

The small, dark green leaves turn to reddish-brown in the fall.

The Dwarf Ninebark adapts well to both dry and wet locations.

It is not particular about soil pH levels and does well in urban environments! As with other ninebarks, it has exfoliating bark and with the fruit production, it makes for 4 season interest! The peeling bark especially stands out in the winter.

This plant performs best in full sun to part shade.

The Dwarf ninebark attracts birds and butterflies! It can be used as a small hedge plant, foundation plant.

screen, patio plant, in small spaces, or in rock gardens
* White Flowers in Spring
* Red Seedpods
* Attracts Butterflies and Birds

Dwarf Ninebark Order Options