Garden Plant: Double Take Orange Quince

Double Take Orange Quince Garden Plant

Double Take Orange Quince

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A Blast of Early Spring Color The Quince, Double Take Orange Storm, ‘ Chaenomeles ‘ Orange Storm’, produces a spectacular early spring display of large flowers with intense orange color.

The ‘ Orange Storm’ is easy to care for and they do not produce thorns or fruit.

It matures to a 3′-4′ high plant with an equal spread.

Once this plant is established, it is very drought tolerant.

This plant is excellent for hedging, mass planting and cut flower gardens.

Double Take would be spectacular as an early season specimen for the mixed border.

The Double Take Orange Storm is deer resistant.

It is heat and drought tolerant and makes a beautiful landscape plant in full to part sun.

This low maintenance plant may be pruned to shape after flowering.

Double Take blooms on old wood so do not prune before the spring flowers are spent.

To get the best bloom, plant in full sun!
* Large Intense Orange Flowers
* No Thorns or Fruit
* Drought Tolerant and Deer Resistant

Double Take Orange Quince Order Options