Garden Plant: Double Play Doozie Spirea

Double Play Doozie Spirea Garden Plant

Double Play Doozie Spirea

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Product Description: Double Play Doozie Spirea

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A super-blooming shrub! Spirea Double- Play Doozie is breaking new ground in the flowering shrub market.

This pretty plant is non-invasive because it has been bred to be sterile.

That means that it can spend every bit of its energy blooming its socks off, and knocking yours off in the process! Doozie is a summer bloomer, so from early summer all the way up to the first frost, you will have waves of red-pink flowers over spring-green leaves.

Butterflies, bees and birds will become your constant garden companions.

And bonus points in that no deadheading is required.

Yay for less work! You will appreciate how Doozie grows naturally into a compact 2′-3′ mound that never need pruning to keep its shape.

Again, yay for less work! Tuck this beauty into your existing mixed border or build a new flower bed around it.

It is a real show-off all summer long.

It doesn’t stop there, though.

Doozie likes to show off in the fall, too, when its leaves turn bright shades of bronzy orange and yellow.

So three full seasons of beauty and very little that you have to do to make that happen.

This is a real win-win, don’t you think? Order yours today!
* Red-pink flowers
* Full sun
* Sterile so non-invasive
* Easy care
* Almost maintenance-free

Double Play Doozie Spirea Order Options