Garden Plant: Double Play Blue Kazoo Spirea

Double Play Blue Kazoo Spirea Garden Plant

Double Play Blue Kazoo Spirea

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Product Description: Double Play Blue Kazoo Spirea

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A fashion show in your garden! Double Play Blue Kazoo Spirea (Spiraea media ‘SMSMBK’) is a three season kaleidoscope of color for your garden.

It runs through the deepest and most rich colors of the rainbow for you throughout the year.

In spring it covers itself with wine-burgundy new foliage.

It then quickly turns to its formal suit of moody blue-green leaves.

(There is such a richness in the colors that it seems the closer you look the deeper and more complex they get.

) Then in the fall it puts on its holiday finery by turning vibrant red.

To put the proverbial ‘icing on the cake’ it also wears very showy crisp white flowers in spring and then again in summer! It really puts on quite the fashion show in the landscape.

This little mounding shrub is a sun-lover that reaches two to three feet tall and wide.

It is the perfect size for any garden and has so many uses.

It makes an eye-catching flowering hedge or fence row.

Use it in large containers where you can see its color-show up close.

It is beautiful in borders or beds, too.

It looks great whether in wildlife gardens, cottage gardens or modern gardens.

It is truly that versatile! It is perfect to cut and use as filler in bouquets.

Hummingbirds and butterflies love the nectar from the flowers, so it will keep your garden buzzing all season.

As an extra bonus, it is on the list of plants to use if you need to do firescaping around your house.

Beautiful and practical! Double Play Blue Kazoo Spirea is a little workhorse for your garden.

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* Very easy to grow
* Stunning color changes
* Flowering hedge
* Great for firescaping
* Disease resistant
* Perfect for containers
* Pollinator friendly

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