Garden Plant: Double Play Artisan Spirea

Double Play Artisan Spirea Garden Plant

Double Play Artisan Spirea

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Product Description: Double Play Artisan Spirea

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Compact Plant with Stunning Foliage and Vibrant Flowers Double Play Artisan Spirea, Spiraea japonica ‘Galen’ PPAF, is an exceptional spirea that gives double enjoyment with its stunning foliage and vibrant flowers.

Double Play Artisan Spirea emerges a rich purple red in the spring, and then eventually matures to a blue-green with pure pink flowers.

The plant is a compact, full bodied mound that is perfect for use as a shrub border as well as a specimen plant.

You will love this plant from the moment it flushes in the spring! Flowers are attractive to butterflies.

It has no serious insect or disease problems, and is effective in borders, cottage gardens, foundation plantings, or hedges.

It prefers average, well drained soils, and pruning is best done after blooming in mid-summer.

To promote flowering, remove faded flower clusters (or deadhead).

The further north it grows, the more sun required, and the further south the more shade tolerant it will prove.

Adaptable to most soils, and typically unpalatable to deer, ‘Artisan’ arrives in spring, and makes another appearance in summer.
* Attracts Butterflies
* Disease Desistant
* Specimen Plant
* Deer Resistant

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