Garden Plant: Diamond Rouge Hydrangea

Diamond Rouge Hydrangea Garden Plant

Diamond Rouge Hydrangea

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None are Redder Than This! Diamond Rouge Hydrangea (Hydrangea paniculata) is a real innovation! It is, without a doubt, the reddest paniculata hydrangea available to the home gardener today.

This plant is spectacular in bloom from June to October.

In late June the flowers on Diamond Rouge emerge pristine white.

They change to pink as they age and then turn a delicious shade of raspberry red.

Finally they turn a deep wine red from August to the first frost.

This fantastic red flower color lasts well into fall and hydrangea flowers are some of the best for drying for winter color.

(Like most hydrangeas, color can be affected by soil P H, so check your soil before you plant for best color.

) Diamond Rouge is a good grower with a great bushy shape that looks great in a perennial border.

If you don’t have a perennial border, try it in a large pot where it will do equally well.

The foliage is naturally spotted and the leaves turn a pretty shade of orange in the fall to add to the already great show.

Bred by Jean Renault, a famous hydrangea hybridizer in France, we know that you will be enthralled by this beautiful new version of your favorite hydrangea.

You can’t go wrong ordering this lovely new hydrangea from Nature Hills.

It will instantly update your landscape.

Make sure to order yours today!
* Flowers change colors over the whole growing season
* Full sun or light shade
* Deepest red available in paniculatas

Diamond Rouge Hydrangea Order Options