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Diabolo Ninebark Garden Plant

Diabolo Ninebark

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Burgundy Leaves Accent Exfoliating Bark Diabolo Ninebark is deciduous shrub with ornamental features.

These would look wonderful as a mass planting as a screen or hedge in an area where you have difficult soils or need erosion control.

One would also be terrific at the back of your perennial bed.

Your Diabolo Ninebark is prized for its four-season interest.

White, button-like blooms appear in spring, presenting a showy display that’s sure to draw butterflies, hummingbirds and bees to your yard.

In fall, your Ninebark will further captivate your wildlife when the red capsules that are its fruit ripen.

Winter reveals your shrub’s origins when its exfoliating bark exposes the reddish-brown layers underneath (thus its name of “ninebark ” ).

However, even though all of these features are extraordinary, it’s the burgundy leaves Diabolo displays throughout summer that are often its most beloved feature.

The 4-inch long, lobed leaves are an elegant deep purple that’s sure to stand out in your landscape in almost any setting.

Diabolo Ninebark will grow to 10 feet tall with an equal spread but can be pruned to any size.

It’s a fast-growing shrub that’s easy to grow and can tolerant a wide range of soils.

It’s even drought tolerant.

It does best in full sun but can do well in some shade.

Four-season interest on a hardy shrub with outstanding color– Diabolo Ninebark is a must have for your yard this year!
* Four-season interest
* Flowers, fruit and foliage color
* Wildlife interest
* Fast growing
* Exfoliating Bark

Diabolo Ninebark Order Options