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Deutschland Astilbe Garden Plant

Deutschland Astilbe

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The Astilbe, Deutschland, ‘ Astilbe japonica ‘ Deutschland’, produces brilliant, show-stopping, and feathery white flower plumes that spike-up high above the center of an attractive mound of green to bronze fern-like foliage.

A summer-flowering perennial, astilbe thrives in rich, cool, partially shaded, and moist location.

It is great combined with hardy ferns and hostas or massed.

This plant can be used in a shade garden, patios, and containers.

Wait to cut the foliage back until spring as that will protect the plant during the winter.

Fertilize Astilbes in late spring before the flowers emerge.

Astilbes can be used as cut flowers, perennial borders or shade gardens.

Astilbe is considered to be deer resistant and will attract hummingbirds.
* Easy to grow!
* Brilliant white blooms
* Great cut flowers

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