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Densiformis Yew Garden Plant

Densiformis Yew

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One of the Most Popular Evergreen Shrubs! Plants become popular for a reason, whether it’s because they are easy care, beautiful, disease-resistant or simply look great anywhere.

Densiformis Yew (Taxus x media ‘ Densiformis’) is popular for A L L of those reasons and then some.

One of the most popular evergreen shrubs today, you will find this beauty in residential foundation plantings, commercial landscapes and container gardens all over America.

This popular yew has bright green needles that give it a soft, almost fluffy appearance.

It doesn’t grow fast, but it grows strong.

The new growth emerges bright green and eventually matures to deep green.

It grows 4′ high and 6′ wide, but trims well.

Use it as a backdrop to flowering shrubs or colorful annuals.

Plant it around a tall tree or as a hedge around your patio.

Put it in your favorite containers on either side of your front door.

It grows fine in sun but thrives in complete shade.

Use it liberally in problem shady areas.

Not only is it a low maintenance shrub, but Densiformis is tolerant to pollution, rabbits and seashore breezes.

Densiformis Yew is an amazing evergreen that should not to be left out of any landscape, so don’t leave it out of yours! Order some today.
* Deep Green Needles
* Hedge Plant
* Shade Loving Pick your color.

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