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Delavay Osmanthus Garden Plant

Delavay Osmanthus

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A magical scented shrub border! Delavay Osmanthus (Osmanthus delavayi) is a magical plant.

O K, maybe not really magical, but it comes pretty close.

So close in fact, that centuries ago when it was first brought into cultivation in China, it was believed that the crater pattern you can see on the moon depicted an osmathus plant and each year it would shed its shiny seeds and they would fall to earth as shooting stars.

So, perhaps this isn’t as magical as that, but any plant that has been tended and revered for centuries has got to have a little magic in it, right? Delavay Osmanthus is a great evergreen for your garden in zones 7-9.

It grows densely to 6′ tall and 10′ wide and makes a smashing background for your mixed border or foundation planting.

It has as outstanding jasmine-like scent that needs to be near windows and walkways for enjoyment.

It grows dense enough that it can even be sheered for topiaries and formal clipped hedges.

The branches are also highly prized in upscale florists displays for their beauty and fragrance.

In China they are traditionally planted in temple courtyards where the sweet aroma is considered an offering to the gods and the flowers can be used in teas and potpourris.

All of this rich beauty, rich scent and rich history can be yours. even if you’re not rich! Order some from us today and enjoy it all year.
* Easy care
* Dense foliage all year
* Strongly scented flowers
* Great cut flower
* Hedges and topiaries

Delavay Osmanthus Order Options