Garden Plant: Daylily Storm Shelter

Daylily Storm Shelter Garden Plant

Daylily Storm Shelter

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Product Description: Daylily Storm Shelter

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The color will blow you away! No need to take shelter from this gorgeous daylily.

You want it to create a storm surge in your garden! We are very excited to introduce you to one of our favorite daylilies! We’re sure that it will become one of your favorites, too.

This stunner busts out in 5 inch wide, rich royal purple flowers.

The blossom base is a mysterious mauve.

On top of it is an enormous eggplant colored purple eye that is so big it almost reaches the edge of the petals.

The ruffled piecrust edges have a thick picotee band of color that matches the eye.

The throat is a refreshing yellow-green that stands out in high contrast.

The flowers are thick and heavy and stand up to adverse weather like a champ.

And it’s not only harsh weather that Storm Shelter stands up to.

It will handle harsh day-to-day conditions like polluted city environments, slopes, poor or dry soil, road-salted pavement and even under Black Walnut trees.

If you have a harsh spot like that you don’t need to leave it to Mother Nature or cover it in gravel.

Plant Storm Shelter in mass and watch it go!
* Tons of rich purple flowers
* Great for harsh conditions
* Long blooming
* Borders, beds and containers
* Drought Tolerant
* Low water requirements

Daylily Storm Shelter Order Options