Garden Plant: Daylily Orange Smoothie

Daylily Orange Smoothie Garden Plant

Daylily Orange Smoothie

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Product Description: Daylily Orange Smoothie

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Hot tropical color for the harshest conditions! Some places just beg for flower color, but don’t make it easy.

Polluted city gardens.


Poor, dry soil.

Winter road-salted pavement.

Under Black Walnut trees.

So often those spaces are left barren, covered in gravel or left to Mother Nature.

No need to do that anymore! If you have one of those harsh spots of ground, Orange Smoothie Daylily (Hemerocallis ‘Orange Smoothie’) is about to light up your world! This great reblooming daylily has 4″ wide petals in tropical shades of mango-infused orange with a pale rose band, pinkish midrib and a spring-green throat.

On top of that there is that beautiful daylily “diamond dusting” that makes the flower literally sparkle in direct sun.

Just looking at it makes you want to dance in a conga line! This new introduction can have as many as 32 buds per scape giving you scads of flower performance.

The flowers are as consistent as a sunrise and are cookie cutter consistent.

It is an excellent rebloomer all season.

The unique tropical colors blend well with both pastel colors and bold colors, so no matter what garden look you tend toward, Orange Smoothie will look great.

Plant them in big groups for a show-stopping display!
* Tons of tropical colored flowers
* Great for harsh conditions
* Long blooming
* Borders, beds and containers
* Drought Tolerant
* Low water requirements

Daylily Orange Smoothie Order Options