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Award Winning Perennial is a Classic Best-seller David Phlox (P H L O X paniculata David) are the backbone of any well-bred perennial border.

Sure, you can skip them when you design your garden – much to our chagrin they have fallen out of fashion in many garden circles over the past several years – but it would be at your own taste risk.

These hardy, tall garden phlox are aristocrats in the garden and are such a fine hybrid that they even won the 2002 Perennial of the Year! Huge, pure white, mildew resistant flowers soar over the dark green foliage in profusion all summer long.

They are fantastic performers in any border, but try them in an all-white ‘moon garden’ for an otherworldly effect.

The flowers are fragrant and showy, with brilliant non-fading color.

They grow 2-3′ tall, they are excellent cut flowers, too, so leave room in your cutting garden for a few.

Plant about 18-20″ apart in rich, well-drained soil in full sun or light shade.

They are dependable perennials, coming back stronger year after year.

They may even reseed for you if you don’t deadhead them.

Butterflies love them and will visit your garden by the busload.

Don’t be swayed by trends.

David phlox is a time-tested regal garden performer that you will be thrilled to have in your landscape.

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* White 6″ Flower Heads
* Fragrant
* Dependable

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