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Dallas Blues Switch Grass Garden Plant

Dallas Blues Switch Grass

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Big native prairie grass fits any landscape! Ok, maybe its cliche that Texas is known for big hair, big boots, big belt buckles and big football teams, but now it will definitely be known for big grass! Dallas Blues Switchgrass (Panicum virgatum ‘ Dallas Blues’ Plant Patent #11,202) is a super hearty grass discovered near Dallas, Texas.

It is a remnant of the long gone tall grass prairies of the mid-west and Great Plains.

It grows to an impressive 5 feet tall and wide every season, creating a big, billowy presence in the garden.

The strappy vase shape and exceptional height aren’t all that Dallas Blues has going for it, though.

It is, as its name suggests, a stunning blue-green that really makes a statement in the garden.

Plant it where it has room to grow in normal to poor soil.

(It loves lean clay and sandy conditions so much it tends to flop if the soil is too rich!) Once it is established it survives with little fuss and is an excellent addition to xeric gardens.

Dallas Blue Switchgrass looks great as a specimen plant by itself or in big mass planting.

And just because it was discovered in the prairie, don’t limit it to rustic or natural gardens (even though it excels there).

A big geometric bed of this great grass in a modern or formal garden stops traffic! Don’t forget the big purple-tan flower plumes that spring up in autumn and persist well into winter, either.

They are great cut flowers and winter garden interest, as well as food for the birds.

This simple-to-grow grass will be a real standout in your landscape, so don’t wait to order yours! Order today!
* Easy care native
* Great for hedges, screens and borders
* Unique eye-catching blue-green color
* Fast grower
* Works in any garden setting, from cottage to contemporary

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