Garden Plant: Crimson Rocket Peach Tree

Crimson Rocket Peach Tree Garden Plant

Crimson Rocket Peach Tree

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Product Description: Crimson Rocket Peach Tree

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Full sized peaches in a tiny space! Do you long to be able to go into the backyard and pick fresh peaches for homemade peach cobbler? Why don’t you do that? Oh, you don’t have room in your yard for a peach tree.

Guess what? Now you do! Crimson Rocket Peach Tree (Prunus persica ‘ Crimson Rocket( T M)( USPP# 15216)’ is perfectly sized for urban gardens, patio containers and balcony planters.

It only grows 10-15 feet high and 5-6 feet wide – a much tighter profile, but the same great yields as bigger peach trees.

And they don’t need a pollinator! One tree will produce armloads of big, sweet, juicy peaches – plenty to keep for pies, preserves and fresh eating and plenty to give away to the neighbors! They will give you their first crop one to two years after planting and grow 1-2 feet per year.

The easy to grow peaches are firm, large and freestone and ripen early in the season.

The trees are small enough that you could have your own urban orchard of Crimson Rocket Peach trees.

Farmer’s Market here we come! Great for the beginning hobby orchardist and seasoned fruit growers alike, these small, columnar (not dwarf) trees will give you years of full-sized juicy peaches with ease.

Imagine picking them from your patio, your kitchen garden or your balcony.

Order yours today and enjoy the sweet nectar of summer peaches from your own yard, no matter what size it is!
* Very easy care
* Tight profile
* Perfect in containers
* Full-sized juicy, yellow-fleshed peaches
* Spring flowers

Crimson Rocket Peach Tree Order Options