Garden Plant: Crimson Pygmy Barberry

Crimson Pygmy Barberry Garden Plant

Crimson Pygmy Barberry

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Small Shrub with a Huge Punch of Color Crimson Pygmy Barberry is a deciduous ornamental shrub with outstanding color.

These would look terrific in your landscape border or perhaps in a Japanese-themed garden.

Plant Crimson Pygmy against the golds, yellows and deep greens of your landscape for stark contrast, or use as a companion to anything in the pink/rose spectrum.

Your Crimson Pygmy Barberry is a must-have for your yard.

It’s tiny enough to fit in just about anywhere and offers a lot of interest for its small stature and hardy nature.

A veritable rainbow of color, Crimson Pygmy presents red-brown stems supporting petite, yellowed-hued blossoms in spring.

Purplish-red foliage fills out the shrub throughout the season, adding a sprinkling of bright red berries for fall, a popular attraction for your feathered friends.

Crimson Pygmy maintains a compact, rounded form and true color consistently from spring until frost for a lovely plant to grace your yard.

Your Crimson Pygmy Barberry is a small shrub but packs huge color into any landscape.

It’s naturally small in stature at about two feet tall with a 3 foot spread.

It has all of the characteristics you’ll love in a landscape shrub.

Crimson Pygmy is resistant to disease, urban conditions, deer and insects, and perhaps best of all, doesn’t require pruning.

However, if you want to treat it as a topiary or downsize it, it’s perfectly amenable to being shaped to please.

Crimson Pygmy prefers full sun, and after its root system is established, it will only need watering during periods of drought.

If you’re looking for a one-of-a-kind small shrub that’s sure to draw attention with its punch of color, than the Crimson Pygmy Barberry is the shrub for you!
* Colorful Foliage, flowers and berries
* Compact Size
* Hardy
* Wildlife interest

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