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Creeping Thyme

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Amazingly Versatile Groundcover, It’s Like an Aromatic Mat Creeping Thyme (Thymus praecox ‘ Coccineus’) is an amazingly versatile and hardworking accent plant.

It’s like jewelry for your garden.

On a summer evening just follow the butterflies and bees.

They will happily lead you to the thyme in your garden.

Rosy red flowers by the thousands cover this thick low growing mat of tiny green scented leaves.

Just rub your hand along the plant to encourage it to release its scent.

Better yet, plant it where you can walk on it or kneel on it to work in your garden.

The sensual smell makes any time you spend in the garden better.

Herb-like, lemony and earthy could all describe the scent of creeping thyme.

A strong grower, ‘ Coccineus’ will tolerate mild foot traffic, making it ideal as a drought tolerant lawn substitute, or for planting between flagstones.

Try planting it in crevices on your steps, in the parking strip by your driveway, or in the transition areas between walkways and planting beds.

It loves to spill over low walls.

‘ Coccineus’ is easily grown in average, dry to medium, well-drained soils in full sun.

It also tolerates drought, poor soils and semi-shade.

Creeping thyme is easily divided in spring or early fall, and even small pieces will take root and grow.

Go ahead and plan your garden.

Then add in Creeping Thyme for a final, fantastic flourish.

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* Rosy Red Flowers in Spring
* Aromatic Mat Type Groundcover
* Full Sun and Foot Traffic

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