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Coppertone Distylium Garden Plant

Coppertone Distylium

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A Brand New Alternative to your Evergreen Shrubs Are you tired of the traditional foundation plantings that are the staples of neighborhoods all across America? Boxwood, cherry laurel, holly and juniper are all wonderful plants and they definitely have their charms, but is it time for something different? Cue the newest star on the market – Distylium ‘ Coppertone’.

Coppertone is a mid-sized rounded, spreading evergreen with eye-catching coppery-red new leaves that mature to a soft blue-green.

The effect is almost like a watercolor painting.

No matter what their color, flowers practically pop in front of a hedge of ‘ Coppertone’.

Coppertone is one of those lovely shrubs that stands out when you want it to, and blends in when it must.

Being a member of the American native witch-hazel family, this wonderful shrub also produces petite red flowers that cover the branches in the winter.

It decorates itself for the holidays! You will be completely charmed by the little fuzzy flowers.

Coppertone grows best in full sun to moderate shade with well-drained soil, but it won’t mind drought, heat and even wet soil.

Insects and diseases aren’t a problem, either.

This is a remarkably easy plant to grow anywhere you want a low-maintenance evergreen shrub.

Replace your aging foundation plants with a new landscape of ‘ Coppertone’.

Plant some down your driveway or along your side yard to breathe new life into your home.

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* First Editions Plants
* Great new evergreen
* Colorful foliage and winter flowers
* Super easy care

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