Garden Plant: Coneflower Lakota Santa Fe

Coneflower Lakota Santa Fe Garden Plant

Coneflower Lakota Santa Fe

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A super colorful coneflower! Have you ever driven through the Midwest and wondered how in the world they did it? How did those intrepid first pioneers ever cross this big country in their covered wagons with no real roads and nothing but miles and miles of prairie? Perhaps they were helped along by the beauty found in those miles and miles of prairies, covered in beautiful grasses and wildflowers.

One of the most prevalent flowers found in the tall-grass prairies was the native coneflower, Echinacea.

These are super hardy in even tough situations.

The first settlers probably saw them in shades of yellows and purples, but thanks to modern breeding techniques we have them in an array of technicolors.

Take Lakota Santa Fe Coneflower, for instance.

This stunning new strain is awash in shades of rich red – barn-red, orange-red, pinkish-red.

It adds a big pop of color wherever it’s planted.

Since it is a native flower it adapts very easily to just about any spot in your garden, but imagine how it lived on the prairie.

It likes it sunny and hot and prefers well-drained soil.

It is drought tolerant once it is established.

Lakota Santa Fe is on the shorter side (only a foot or so tall) as it was bred to be a front of the border plant.

Put it where you can show off its amazing color! It makes a sweet addition to wildflower bouquets, and the more you cut the more it blooms! This low-maintenance beauty needs to be in your garden today!
* Fragrant Flower
* Flowers in shades of red
* Long blooming
* Borders, beds and containers
* Drought Tolerant
* Fits small spaces

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