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Concorde Barberry

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Compact Round Shrub with Royal Purple Color Commonly known as Japanese Barberry, this compact little shrub’s burgundy-colored foliage is a dramatic -and welcome- contrast in a landscape dominated by green.

Use ‘ Concorde’ as a foundation planting or berm or border edging, and in any number of other small, sunny spaces where you need a plant of a different color.

‘ Concorde’ has very small teardrop-shaped leaves on thorny branches which form an orderly round plant that tops out at not much more than a couple of feet.

Full sun keeps the leaves their pretty royal purple color, which will gently turn deep red in the fall.

Pruning is only required to change its shape or overall size.

A slightly acidic soil will benefit this slow-growing, pest-free shrub (which is also hypo-allergenic and resistant to deer, drought and disease).

To tilt the pH, just tap a few nails into the soil under the shrub canopy.

There is always space for Concorde in any landscape, and it will look terrific in yours as well.
* Prefers full sun
* Deer resistant
* Drought and disease resistant

Concorde Barberry Order Options