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Common Ninebark Garden Plant

Common Ninebark

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Decorative Exfoliating Bark Common Ninebark is a deciduous shrub with ornamental flowers.

Plant several of these as a privacy screen along your property line.

These are also great for erosion control or for areas where conditions aren’t conducive to less hardy plantings.

Your Common Ninebark is best known for its superior bark.

On mature branches, the exfoliating nature of this shrub reveals what appear to be multiple layers of bark with reddish-brown hues (thus this shrub’s name of “ninebark ” ).

In late spring, 2-inch clusters of 5-peteled, pink-hued, white flowers appear.

As the season progresses, the 4-inch long, lobed leaves will fill out your Ninebark, giving it a healthy, vibrant appearance for your yard.

As autumn is ushered in, the foliage will turn yellow for some additional fall color.

Dangling clusters of red capsules develop in summer, later ripening in fall.

Your wildlife will thank you for this useful shrub, as pollinators value the flowers, and several species of birds enjoy the fruit.

Common Ninebark will grow to 8 feet high with a 6-foot spread.

It has an upright, spreading habit with a mounded nature.

There are no significant insect or disease issues with Common Ninebark and it tolerates both wet and dry soils.

In fact, its native habit is usually moist, well-drained soils along streams and rocky slopes.

Ninebark will thrive in full sun to part shade and you’ll find it to be relatively adaptable to your needs.

For a fast-growing shrub that provides year-round interest, Common Ninebark is hard to beat.
* Attractive, exfoliating bark
* Flowers and fruit
* Autumn color
* Wildlife interest
* Thrives in moist to wet soils

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