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Color Guard Yucca

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Highly Decorative and Hardy Yucca Variety Color Guard Yucca, Yucca filamentosa ‘ Color Gard’, is an ornamental shrub renowned for its variegated foliage.

One would look terrific in your rock garden, planted amid your formal perennial beds, or even in a container on your back patio.

Your Color Guard Yucca is one of the most decorative Yucca varieties you will ever find! Each long, pointed leaf reaches up-and-out from the mounded center in a dramatic pose of self-assurance.

The foliage will brighten even the darkest corner of your garden with its vivid coloring that remains striking in every season.

Every individual leaf is bordered by vibrant green in spring and summer, with a central line of bright yellow running down the center.

Strong stems will shoot 4-6 feet up from your Color Guard Yucca in mid-summer, holding aloft 3-inch white, floral bells that dangle delicately there for your additional enjoyment.

and will certainly delight your hummingbirds as well! As the weather turns colder, your brilliant yellow stripes will transition to a red blush with hints of light pink on the foliage edges.

Throughout the year, tiny hair-like frills accent the foliage edges as well, just another decorative addition to add texture to the overall effect.

Color Guard Yucca will grow to 2 feet in height with a 2 to 4-foot spread.

Color Guard has a clumping form with an upright, rounded nature.

It’s an incredibly hardy plant.

It manages well with drought, heat, humidity, wind, etc.

and even your deer and bunnies will leave it alone.

You can grow it in partial shade, but it reaches its full potential in bright sun.

The Yucca is such an amazing plant, and Color Guard is one of the best varieties.

It has it all-a hardy nature and vibrant color year-round.

It’s even allergy free! Overall, Color Guard Yucca is a highly decorative and low maintenance shrub for your yard.

You can’t go wrong with a Color Guard Yucca in your yard this year!
* Evergreen
* Allergy free
* Drought, heat and humidity tolerant
* Adaptive to a variety of conditions
* Works well in containers
* Deer and rabbit resistant

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