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Coleus Sedona Garden Plant

Coleus Sedona

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The Coleus Sedona, ‘ Coleus hybrid’, has very unique russet colored foliage.

These new, bigger, sun loving varieties have revolutionized contanier gardening.

The brilliant colors explode in sunny locations.

Coleus plants are durable and easy to grow.

The coleus plants are a tender perennials.

Frost will cause them to die immediately.

Coleus plants are so colorful that many people keep them and use them as a house plant.

These plants will do best in temperatures above 55 degrees.

Flower buds should be pinched off as soon as they develop.

If a coleus plant is allowed to seed, it has completed its life cycle and will die.

Coleus must have good soil drainage.

Poorly drained soils and excessive watering will damage coleus.

Plants suffering from “wet feet” will be stunted, leaves will turn a muddy brown, and leaf margins will be scorched.

For zones 10-11, this plant can also be a perennial.

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