Garden Plant: Cloudburst Tall Cushion Phlox

Cloudburst Tall Cushion Phlox Garden Plant

Cloudburst Tall Cushion Phlox

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Product Description: Cloudburst Tall Cushion Phlox

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Definitely let this flower rain on your parade! A customer was sharing her childhood memories with us of when she would run up the hill behind her church in her Sunday best and pick the phlox that grew wild all along the hillside.

She would gather little multi-colored bouquets to take to her Sunday school teacher and her mom and her grandma.

She wanted to know if there were still phlox like that around.

We told her, of course there were. but now they’re even better! Take Phlox Cloudburst, for instance.

This new phlox hybrid is superior to old garden phlox in both performance and disease resistance.

It also has better form and a more saturated lavender purple color that doesn’t fade.

The lavender purple flowers have an enchanting hot pink eye, too, and it just makes the colors appear richer.

But, it still has the same romantic effect that makes you want to run up to it and pick a small bouquet.

It is an early bloomer and blooms for a long season.

It has a mounding but billowy habit, so it looks both wild and structured at the same time.

It would look great on a hillside if you have one, but if not, it looks equally good in a mixed bed or border, massed under a tree, or even in a container where it demands to be examined up close.

It will bloom all summer, right up to the first frost sometimes.

Buy several from us and make your own memories.
* Lavender flowers with hot pink eye
* Billowy mounds of foliage
* Full sun
* Hardy
* Easy
* Lightly fragrant

Cloudburst Tall Cushion Phlox Order Options