Garden Plant: Clematis Venosa Violacea

Clematis Venosa Violacea Garden Plant

Clematis Venosa Violacea

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A Striking Contrast of Color Clematis Venosa Violacea, Clematis viticella ‘ Venosa Violacea’, is an extremely distinctive cultivar that should be part of every clematis collector’s garden.

Clematis Venosa Violacea has 4-5″ flowers which are white with deep purple veins that extend out to the solid purple edges.

This plant blooms July through August.

Clematis viticella Venosa Wiolcea means “violet veins”, and when you look closely at the flowers on this exceptional variety, you can see how it got its name.

What a gorgeous, timeless beauty! Clematis Venosa Violacea needs a supporting structure to grow properly.

This plant performs best when the tops are in full sunlight and the roots are shaded, but will thrive and bloom in shade.

To keep plant roots cool and shady, apply mulch or plant a shallow rooted groundcover.

Prune lightly above the new leaf buds in early spring and remove any dead or weak stems.
* Attractive Purple and White Blooms
* Blooms Late Summer
* Loves Full Sun Pruning and Training Clematis

Clematis Venosa Violacea Order Options