Garden Plant: Chipmans Canada Red Rhubarb

Chipmans Canada Red Rhubarb Garden Plant

Chipmans Canada Red Rhubarb

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Product Description: Chipmans Canada Red Rhubarb

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Ornamental, High- Quality Vegetable Chipman’s Canada Red Rhubarb is a high-quality vegetable that is also quite ornamental.

In fact, many people grow Rhubard not to eat, but simply as a decorative feature in their flower beds.

It would feel right at home in either your flower or vegetable garden.

Light green foliage and bright red stems highlight this popular garden vegetable that is as ornamental as it is delicious.

It’s a long-lived perennial that will grow up to 18 inches in height with a 24 inch spread.

It grows in a full, mounded form with a lush and vibrant appearance.

Rich in vitamin C, fiber and other nutrients, Rhubarb is delicious in sauces, pies and other desserts.

It’s one of those plants that neighbors commonly share over the backyard fence, so be ready to share a little when the delicious stalks are ready for harvest.

You’ll love how easy it is to grow and care for, and the flavor is certainly not to be missed.

The bright red stalks have a tart, acidic flavor eaten raw which some people love, but it’s when you add some sugar that the unique flavor of the Rhubarb will be revealed for the rare gem it is.

The flavor of the Chipman’s Canada Red is sweeter than most, so you won’t have to add a lot of sugar to your recipes when using it.

The red color won’t fade with cooking, so that beautiful bright red will lend a decorative zest to your pies, bars.

whichever of the varied recipes you choose to make with this one-of-a-kind vegetable.

Rhubarb is an incomparable vegetable that you don’t want to miss out on.

Nothing tastes or looks quite like it, and the Chipman’s Canada Red is certainly one of the best cultivars to be had.
* Sweeter than other cultivars
* Maintains color when cooking
* Decorative features

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