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Chinese Grapefruit

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The Biggest Citrus Fruit in the World! Basketball-sized grapefruit.

That’s a joke, right? With a Chinese Grapefruit (Citrus maxima ‘ Rutaceae’) it’s not a joke at all! The Chinese Grapefruit is the largest of all the edible citrus fruits out there.

These sweet/tart fruits have been cultivated for centuries in Southeast Asia and have settled comfortably in the citrus growing regions of the U S where they are starting to show up more frequently at market.

If you let them have free reign, the fruit can actually grow to be B I G G E R than a basketball, but are typically picked earlier.

They are still much larger than any grapefruit you can buy on the market.

They have a very thick rind that keeps the flesh protected very well.

(Even though the rind is thick, once you taste one you’ll be convinced it’s worth the effort to get to the ‘prize’ in the middle!) Chinese Grapefruits are sweeter than the typical grocery store grapefruit you are used to.

They have a sweet opening taste with a nice tartness to finish off.

Use them to eat fresh, to cook with, to candy or to make juice.

You can’t go wrong.

Nature Hills ships only strongly rooted and well-branched young trees.

They’ll come to you in top-notch condition and are ready to be planted in your garden or favorite container.
* Sweet grapefruit taste
* Largest citrus you can grow
* Great in containers

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